Hurricane Preparation and Evacuation 101

Hurricane Preparation and Evacuation 101

By Moshe Farache

While many homeowners are intimidated by the thought of a hurricane hitting their home, you don’t need to be. By implementing the right preparation and evacuation strategies, you can prevent yourself and loved ones from facing grave danger. Review the short outline provided below so you’ll know what to do if a hurricane strikes:

Preparation Instructions
Once a hurricane watch has been issued, there are several things you need to do. Some of them include:
• Ensure that your car is filled up with gas. If the hurricane causes an electric power shutdown, the gas pumps won’t function.
• Make sure that you have cash on hand. Following the hurricane, the ATMs may stop working temporarily.
• Be sure that all of your prescriptions are filled so that you’ll have enough medication to last for at least a week.
• Check your emergency kit and then purchase any last-minute items you may need.
• Make sure you have your essential documents with you. This includes things such as insurance policies, stock and bond certificates, legal papers, and deeds.
• Monitor weather updates and reports via radio or television.
• Be sure that all rechargeable appliances are fully charged.

Warning Instructions
Once a hurricane warning has been issued, there are several things you should do. They include:
• Move items that could be blown away inside. This includes things such as bird feeders, lumber, potted plants, lawn ornaments, garbage cans, and furniture.
• Super-chlorinate your pool and cover its pool pump filter.
• Put your freezer and refrigerator on their coldest settings. This will help keep the freezer cold if there is a power outage.Hurricane evacuation route sign

Once an evacuation is issued, there are several things you need to do:
• Take your emergency survival kit with you.
• Take your important papers (medical information, property inventories, insurance policies, driver’s license, etc.).
• Tell your relatives and friends where you will be going.
• Lock your doors and windows.
• Pack dry clothes in a plastic bag.
• Place plastic bags over your computers, lamps, and televisions.
• Bring your medical insurance card.

If you want to be prepared for a hurricane, the strategies outlined above can help you do so. Also, note that property impacted by a hurricane will likely be in need of restoration services. To ensure that your property gets back to pre-storm condition, be sure to contact a professional restoration company. Experts have extensive experience in the water damage remediation field, and we’d be happy to get your residential property back in order following a hurricane.

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