Obtaining The Proper Permits Before Performing A Remodel On Your Home

Obtaining The Proper Permits Before Performing A Remodel On Your Home

By Moshe Farache

Remodeling can provide some much-needed space, enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and even add value. However, performing a remodel without the proper permits can lead to serious consequences.

Sure, there is a possibility that performing a basic plumbing, electrical, or ventilation system repairs might not require a building permit. However, any significant changes that alter the way the system works or if you intend on removing structural components that include entryways or exits, you should always contact your local building department to help determine whether a permit is necessary before you begin work on your property.

For instance, if you intend on building an addition that alters or adds to the square footage of your home, a formal permit is likely needed. Same goes for a home improvement project; if you fail to obtain the proper permits, you and your contractor can be forced to pay huge fines, stopping work until building authorities can perform the proper inspection and even lead to the removal of unapproved construction.

These days it is highly unlikely for homeowners to take on construction projects alone. Like most, we turn to a professional to provide services rendered and expect them to supply the proper permit and license. However, not all contractors follow the rules, making it especially important for you to understand what the rules are to help you avoid problems that may arise.

As a contractor of 35-years, I find it necessary to discuss permits with my clients regularly. Some prefer to obtain these permits themselves, while others that I have worked with for many years would rather leave it in my hands. Regardless, both parties are responsible if problems arise. You may find it better to take care of the appropriate permits yourself than leave it in the hands of a contractor you just met.

Any contractor that begins work on your property without having the right permits on hand most likely does not understand what they are doing. You should always seek a fully licensed, accredited, professional restoration company that you trust to proceed with any work in your home.




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