Restoring Fire Damage Effects In Florida

By Moshe Farache

Smoke and soot particles settle on surfaces as fire cools down. Regardless if it burns itself out or a firefighter extinguishes it, the fire sends these particles throughout a home to cover everything. The resulting smoke residues usually make the majority of fire damage to a home. Any restoration agency you hire to restore smoke damage effects should be able to determine what property is restorable, demolish and remove what is not, and then effectively clean everything else.

The agency inspector should begin at the fire point of origin and follow the damage in all directions. Once completed, he can direct the restoration crew first to remove property they can restore to either an unaffected area of your home or to their offices for cleaning.

In the case of structural property like ceiling tiles, drywall, and wood paneling, their technicians should remove them only when the items are not salvageable. It is impossible to remove them without causing at least some secondary damage to them, so cleaning the surfaces from smoke or another damage has to be done in place.

That brings us to demolition. Technicians have to remove any item of structural property that cannot be cleaned or costs more to clean than replace. Often, this means breaking down larger pieces like the paneling and even bagging it to remove without accidentally spreading the residues. After the restoration specialists remove the large pieces, they need to sweep and vacuum, if necessary, all areas clean of smaller bits of debris, dust, and powdery residues.

Your choice of restoration agencies must be familiar with basic cleaning procedures. They should be able to handle simple tasks like using dry sponges for wiping down surfaces with only a thin layer of residue powder. If the residue is wet or very thick, then they need to be familiar with a variety of cleaning agents and use them appropriately and safely to clean both personal and structural property.

There’s more to do of course, but these are the first actions any restoration agency you hire must be able to perform as efficiently and quickly as the circumstances allow. If you need the services of a restoration agency, carefully research them to make sure they are licensed to operate in your city and the management can verify both their training and experience.


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