Why It Pays To Handle Water Damage Promptly And Professionally In Florida

By Moshe Farache

Residents and businesses in Florida experience water damage for a variety of reasons. Appliances overflow, pipes break, and roofs leak, among other events that permit moisture to saturate the structure and sometimes the belongings within your property.

It is vital to your property’s stability and structural integrity to assess and address water damage as soon as it occurs. Water damage is more serious than many property owners realize. Some building materials including insulation, drywall, and flooring deteriorate very quickly when waterlogged. Responding immediately with professionally delivered water removal and drying plan is the best chance for a positive outcome.

In addition, the failure to dry out soaked areas exposes your property to a much higher risk of secondary water damage, such as mold, mildew, and dry rot. In Florida’s humid climate mold is already a challenge, but adding unmitigated water events to the equation substantially increase the probability of an explosion of fungal activity.

Waiting for days or weeks to set a water damage abatement plan in motion also increases the possibility that any home or business insurance coverage you hold may not pay for the claims finally presented. Although many insurance policies written in Florida cover sudden and accidental water incursion, you have an affirmative duty to respond quickly, or the coverage may become void.

In recent years restrictions on hidden water damage claims in the state are more prevalent. The so-called 14-day rule may be invoked by insurance carriers if the property owner neglects repairs and restoration of water damage for more than two weeks. To avoid a claim denial based solely upon a tardy restoration response, engaging the services of a licensed and certified restoration company within the first hours after water damage makes financial as well as practical sense.

Reputable water damage restoration companies in Florida almost always work with your insurance carrier to ensure the best chance of full claim coverage. It is no coincidence that a speedy restoration effort is covered by insurance more frequently than when the property owner procrastinates. Waiting for more than a day or two to dry out floors, carpeting, cabinetry, gypsum board, and a host of other building materials and fixtures exponentially increases the cost. A skilled restoration project that not begun promptly turns into an expensive demolition and replacement nightmare.

If your Florida home or business suffers water damage, take swift action. Hire an experienced restoration company to evaluate and respond to the damage, and reap the rewards of insurance coverage to limit your out of pocket costs as you have your property returned to you in pre-loss condition.




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